Our Commitment to Sign Quality

1. Warranty Coverage

FS SIGNS typically offers a 3-year limited warranty for services and signs purchased directly through FS SIGNS. However, please note that there may be exceptions to this standard warranty period.

  • 2 Years Parts: Coverage for any defects in materials, components, or parts of the product.
  • 1 Year Labor and Parts: Coverage for any defects in workmanship or parts during the first year from the date of purchase. This warranty includes both labor and replacement parts as needed.

The specific warranty period for your product may vary depending on the type of sign and any exceptional circumstances. It's essential to review the warranty details provided with your purchase to determine the exact coverage duration.

2. What's Covered

  • Defective Parts: Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the product, including but not limited to faulty materials and workmanship.
  • Functional Issues: If your product experiences functional issues that are not caused by misuse, abuse, or negligence, it will be covered under this warranty.
  • Components: This warranty includes coverage for all components and accessories that came with the original product.

3. What's Not Covered

  • Damage Due to Accidents: Any damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, or neglect is not covered.
  • Unauthorized Repairs: If the product has been repaired or modified by an unauthorized party, your warranty may become void.
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Routine wear and tear that occurs over time is not covered under this warranty.

4. Exclusions

  • Third-Party Products: Products not directly purchased from FS SIGNS or authorized resellers are not covered.
  • Misuse or Negligence: Any damage or malfunction resulting from misuse or negligence in handling or maintaining the product is not covered.
  • Environmental Factors: Damage caused by extreme environmental conditions, including but not limited to exposure to harsh chemicals, excessive heat or cold, or natural disasters, is not covered.
  • Non-Standard Use: Use of the product for purposes other than its intended and specified functions may void the warranty.
  • Improper Installation: Issues arising from improper installation of the product, not performed by FS SIGNS or an authorized technician, are not covered.

5. Transferability

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.

6. Additional Terms and Conditions

By making a purchase from FS SIGNS, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this warranty document, as well as any additional terms specific to the product. Please refer to your estimate/invoice for any product-specific warranty information.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or require further assistance regarding our warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At FS SIGNS, we stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to providing you with excellent service. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner. We hope you enjoy your purchase and experience peace of mind with our warranty coverage.

8. Future Modifications

FS SIGNS reserves the right to modify the warranty at any time and at our sole discretion, with or without notice to the user. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. However, please note that these modifications will not retroactively affect existing warranties. Your continued use of our service and this site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms for future warranties.

Last revised: September 8, 2023

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